Intuitive Healing Touch

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


Enjoy this unique form of hands-on energy therapy utilizing a focused, gentle and nurturing touch to relieve tension and stress held in the muscles and nervous system.


Experience healing at the cellular level  as you are held in an energetic field of profound stillness, allowing for the body to fully access its ever-present Inherent Health.


Allow your body to utilize the healing energy of the Breath of Life in facilitating the release of subconscious blockages and the return to a healthy flow and a renewed vitality.

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Testimonials from Clients…

To experience Don’s healing energy is to experience infinite bliss. I learned about Don’s healing abilities from other trusted spiritual teachers and am so grateful that I did! His quiet and peaceful manner and his intuition and skill at identifying energetic blocks enables you to shift out of physical and emotional discomfort into a state of calm and trust.

Margie S.

In addition to Don’s extensive training and certifications in several healing modalities, such as Biodynamic Craniosacral and Quantum Touch, he brings in an amazing amount of Source healing energy and unconditional LOVE. During sessions, I have had deep, heart-opening meditative experiences and with his help, many of my ailments have completely healed – such as ankle and shoulder injuries.” I highly recommend his healing services.

Mary Gospe