Resources You May Enjoy

Universal SoulSpa

Universal SoulSpa is the website for Lisa Young, a Soul Activator who is accelerating the awakening and the expression of one’s Divine Essence. She is also a Visionary of the New Earth who offers private sessions, guided meditations and events.

Mary Gospe

Mary Gospe, Soul Healing Studio Co-founder and Practitioner, is also a singer-songwriter. Her songs are filled with empowering messages with a strong spiritual undercurrent.

OMnium Universe

OMnium Universe created by Caroline Cory, offers guided meditations, on-demand classes and films for consciousness expansion and healing.

Wendy von Oech

Wendy von Oech has offered energy work and spiritual guidance to individuals and groups since 1997. She also creates transformative meditative experiences through her recorded guided meditations and poems, often set to Music from Source, composed by Frits Evelein.

Music From Source

Music From Source, created by Frits Evelein, is pure energy and Universal Consciousness in Sound and connects you straight to the Universal Source of Creation.

Change Your Heart Podcast

Brent Smith works as an Air Traffic Controller in Miami. Brent created the Change Your Heart Podcast to uplift his guests and highlight their true gifts in conversations that entertain and inspire the world.

Divine Love, Pure Joy

Divine Love, Pure Joy is the website of Soul Healing Studio Co-founder, Behnaz K. Shahidi. Behnaz is author of Divine Love, Pure Joy – An Intimate Awakening to Ever-Present Spirit Guides, available on

Soul Healing Studio

Soul Healing Studio offers meditation classes and private in-person and remote sessions for healing and spiritual transformation..

Zero Universal

Zero Universal, created by Gordon Lent, invites you to expand your consciousness while enjoying cosmic entertainment.