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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On January 19, 2022
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Don Nathe, a Registered Craniosacral Therapist from Intuitive Healing Touch, talks us through his powerful use of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Quantum Touch Therapy for healing, and how he feels so privileged and blessed to do so.

How much of what you practice is driven by intuition?

I utilize my intuitive gifts in different capacities dependent on the client’s needs and how they present. Oftentimes I will “tune-in” to the client before they walk through the door and ask to be informed by what they are bringing in their physical body to the session that day. As the client describes their symptoms, I can often feel those sensations in my body and follow up with questions about other traumas I am sensing.

Once the client is on the table, I am guided in the precise location of my hands on the body by being completely aligned and neutral to any external energies. I am able to open my heart to listen with my hands to the rhythmic presence of the Tide of Potency flowing in the tissue body. At that point I may intuitively shift my hand position slightly to enhance or augment the healing experience.

Could you explain the difference between Quantum Touch Therapy and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, and in which case you would use one over the other?

Quantum Touch Therapy is a hands-on modality that recognizes the capacity of every human being to assist in the healing of a client or loved one with heart-centered intention and the manifestation of Life Force through their loving touch. Through breathing techniques and focused attention the client entrains to the enhanced energy and is supported in their healing process.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a healing technique that recognizes the Inherent Wisdom of the body to heal itself, given the proper conditions. It focuses on providing a safe and supportive environment for the nervous system to move into the parasympathetic state, allowing trauma induced pains and inertia to resolve gently at their own pace without manipulation or the addition of energy from the practitioner.

In most cases, I prefer Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, although my practice may incorporate aspects of a multi-disciplined approach. I would suggest Quantum Touch Therapy can be especially useful in an emergency situation where physical trauma or injury has been experienced in one or more people.

How do you proceed with a client?

The process actually begins with the initial contact with the client by phone or email. It is important from the onset to convey a perception of safety and supportive presence to the client so that they feel heard and understood. When the client arrives, they are met with a sense of calm attentiveness which allows for the free exchange of what they are aware of in their body and nervous system that brought them to you. 

After reflective listening assures the client of my comprehension, I make the client completely comfortable on the massage table and move into a restful state of just Being. I explain briefly how the session will proceed. I orient myself through a settling meditation to a place of spaciousness and embodied awareness, allowing myself to shift into a neutral presence as a supportive facilitator.

Taking extra care with how I come in contact with the client, I then move slowly and communicate my intention before settling, each time I shift to resume contact. I encourage communication and feedback throughout the session. With each move to a new hold, we settle in a balance of spaciousness and connection to allow the client to be un-crowded and safely held in the relational field. Then I listen…with my hands and my heart.

The client and I rest in the present moment, allowing whatever wants to come up to be accepted. The client feels safely and lovingly seen at an essential level. I intend just to be present as a clear and neutral mirror while supporting the unfolding of the client’s stored inertia of past traumas. Energetically merged we wait together for this Holistic Shift. We engage the system with curiosity and non-attachment to any outcome. 

Are you able to treat patients remotely? 

I have treated a minimum of clients remotely when urgency dictates. I have had some profound sessions with long term clients who find themselves in extreme discomfort while in a remote location. But, in general, I find the in person, hands-on touch therapy to be much more effective, especially for first-time or newer clients.

What is your definition (in a nutshell) of ‘Stillness’ and how important is it to attain?

Stillness is the Zero Point or Void from which ALL is potentially possible. By consciously intending to move out all thought, mind chatter and distracting information, we can achieve an energetic neutrality which allows the body to be breathed, unencumbered, by the Universal Life Force…The Breath of Life.

Stillness is at the very heart of our work as practitioners and is the catalyst that ignites the inertia and transmutes it into healthy motion.The moment you relax into the inherent stillness in your body and just allow your feelings to BE, the healing begins. Your body re-unites with the healthy motion of life. As you remove any remaining resistance, the Breath of Life will pour its healing radiance into your contracted body and promptly return it to health.

Do you recommend Craniosacral Therapy as a preventative treatment or as a healing process (potentially alongside Western Medicine), or both?

Craniosacral Therapy is a healing modality that is useful to treat clients with a wide range of disease, stress and discomfort. It is used to relieve acute and chronic pain resulting from injuries, surgeries, inflammation, headaches, skeletal misalignment, causing sciatica and back pain. 

BCST has been successful in treating auto-immune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, multiple Sclerosis, allergies and skin disorders. It is used to treat birth trauma and neonatal issues. BCST is particularly effective in working with effects of shock and trauma to the nervous system such as PTSD, anxiety, and sleep disorders. It is extremely effective to treat the traumatized patient both on its own, as an offshoot of Osteopathy, as well as in conjunction with allopathic medicine or other alternative medicine disciplines.

Many of my clients continue to see me on a regular basis following the resolution of their acute conditions, to enhance their overall feeling of vitality and well-being. Maintaining the health of the nervous system is critical in preventing disease and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

As a practitioner of CST, do you find your own stress levels are dramatically influenced?

My stress levels have diminished overall since I found this practice. But, each session provides me with the opportunity to drop into an aligned and silent space where the external world stops. It is just me and the client meeting in a sacred energetic space to relax the nervous system and facilitate the release of past traumas. So my nervous system is the beneficiary of each session.

What is the most rewarding part of your work?

Finding Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and becoming a practitioner has dramatically changed my life. The foundations of the work, the recognition of a Higher Power working to sustain life and breathe nurturing Divine Energy into all living organisms is extremely resonant with my truth and experience. I am so blessed to be able to do this work. I am so fortunate that multiple times per week I  …

Settle in and Quiet my Mind.

Breathe-in Gratitude and Breathe-out Anxiety, Worry, Doubt, Frustration, Confusion.

Intentionally raise my vibration to match with the frequency of Source Energy.

Bring this Source Energy slowly through my body, Relaxing and Rooting me into the Earth.

Intend to be Totally Present and Aligned, with Unconditional Acceptance, Compassion and Love for the Client. And..


Then I am Privileged to Hold Another Soul in my Hands.