Love Letters to Humanity – Part II

Love Letters to Humanity – Part II

"Love Letters to Humanity - Part II" - Spoken by Don Nathe

by Don Nathe


You are ALL made from the same energy, you are ALL a part of the same consciousness, you are ALL my children and have a part of me as your divine essence, your Soul.


You are ALL made FROM Love. You are ALL made OF Love. All, each of you, are the same energy of Love. Each of you have chosen to experience a unique life on the earth. You have chosen a different body, gender, race, a different geographical location and different family/community circumstances. Because of these choices and the lessons each of you asked to learn before you came into your bodies, you will all have different perspectives from which to view the same events as they unfold. You will react differently than another so that you can learn and evolve in your own unique way.

Many of you have found peace in having felt your true divine essence, if only for a moment, while being totally aligned and acting from your true purpose. At that moment, you are beginning to remember why you came and who you really are. Through meditation and intention, you can return to this place of alignment and peace whenever you choose.

Some have chosen paths that are not aligned with the energy of Love, in order for them to learn from their experiences. They take on fear and, in their confusion, act out in anger, citing separation, scarcity and injustice as justification. These people are often perceived as a threat to you and as different from you. They become identified as somehow less than you. In more extreme cases, they are labeled as your enemy. They may even be judged as undeserving of life. But, at their essence, “they” are YOU. You are part of the same collective human consciousness, part of the same universal body but with different perspectives.

Beloveds, try to move out of fear and separateness. It clouds your perception and brings about negative human emotions of anger, judgment, and revenge. Acting from these human emotions will not resolve the misperceptions and differences. At those times, choose to move back into your peaceful divine essence and that feeling of being aligned and on purpose.

The “enemy” is a temporary label. The group named as your enemy will change over time. Was your enemy the British, the Germans, the Japanese, the Italians, the Russians, the North Vietnamese, or the Confederate states? Which of these groups are your neighbors now or your in-laws or You? Are each of these groups or individuals now accepted as an equal, a brother or even a loved one? What changed? Is it your perception, your judgment or is it your concept of trust and security? The people are still British, German, etc. YOUR perception has changed. You have moved from fear into trust, acceptance and love. From that place in your heart you are able to see all as your family, you can better see the other as you.

Acts of violence and terror from misaligned beings are intended to frighten you. Try to resist thoughts of revenge that are based in anger and fear of projections in the future. They will test your beliefs and your trust. But, in the end, they cannot be sustained in a world of Lovingkindness and Oneness.  Be present and grateful for your safety. Know that you are protected by Universal forces acting on many levels. Breathe. All is well. I am here with you…always. Trust in me and in the larger plan that is unfolding and evolving toward unity and oneness.

WE are ONE.   

WE are Love and

Love is All there is.

-Don Nathe

Love Letters to Humanity – Part III

Love Letters to Humanity – Part III

"Love Letters to Humanity - Part III" - Spoken by Don Nathe

by Don Nathe


You are worthy of Love and are always loved by Creator…Completely and Unconditionally. See yourself as your Divine Parents see you. You have bravely and generously chosen to come to this planet to participate in the evolution of this universe. You are perfectly evolving and mastering the human body, mind and emotions in perfect timing along your journey in this incarnation. You are so greatly appreciated for all that you are and do here.

Self-love empowers you. It opens you to Gratitude for feeling loved and that brings even more love and abundance into your life. Being aware of that love energy enables you to be more loving to others, to be more generous and accepting.

Self-love is contagious. Others notice your energy and want to believe it is possible for them too. By offering your loving validation of their unique value and purposeful role, they too will begin to see themselves in a fresh way as more lovable and worthy.

Self-love makes you more lovable. As you begin to trust your knowing of who you are and feel the energy of self-love moving through you, you become more attractive to others. They are naturally drawn to your energy and they readily mirror the love radiating from your essence and reflect it back to you. You become the giver and the receiver of that pure energy of unconditional love.

You are Powerful.

You are more powerful than you will ever know. Your ability to co-create is boundless. There are no limits to what you can cause to occur and what you can bring into your life at this time. The power of your thoughts is huge but the intentions in your heart are even more profound.

Self-love makes you more compassionate. As you become more self-confident you can begin moving out self-judgment and comparisons. Without self-judgment you are then less likely to judge others and more apt to accept the other as being just as lovable as you are, with all your similar faults and shortcomings. You are more able to notice “failings” in others and embrace them as you have learned to do with ourselves. Without judgment and comparisons you can move more freely from duality to oneness and recognize the commonality and connectedness with all beings.

Every moment is filled with infinite possibilities. You are not restricted by any existing conditions. You are only limited by your perception of what is possible. If you can imagine it, you can co-create it and manifest it into your life’s experience. Trust your power. Believe that you are worthy. The Universe will respond.

The power of your thoughts and words is immeasurable. Your words carry the energy of your thoughts and express your heart’s intentions. The impact of your words is felt well beyond the range of human hearing to other galaxies in the universe. Be mindful that All is connected.

Trust yourself to express your loving intentions. Recognize the power of your thoughts and words but, at the same time, try not to let fear of thinking or saying the “wrong ” thing filter your message. Instead, realign with Source energy. Then your thoughts and words will carry only the energy of unconditional love no matter what is said.

You are Divine expressions of the Source of All that Is. When you begin to recognize the magnificent power of your soul, you will better understand the importance of staying aligned with Source in the energy of unconditional love.

Being that Love energy allows you to truly love yourself completely and to share that love with others as you recognize and serve in the Oneness of All.

-Don Nathe