imagine more…

imagine more…

 Mike Gospe

Mary Gospe

Zach Gospe

Written by John Lennon. Additional lyrics by Don Nathe.

Performed by:

  • Don Nathe – vocals
  • Mary Gospe – vocals, drums & production
  • Mike Gospe – piano
  • Zach Gospe – backing vocals


Imagine heaven’s within us
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace, you 

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one 

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world, you

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one 

Imagine there’s no limit
To what your love can bring
No fear or separation
Allow your heart to sing
Imagine all the people loving all the world

Imagine there’s no “other”
All equal and Divine
Everyone’s your brother (and sister)
Loving yours as mine
Imagine all the people knowing we are One, you

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one



By Don Nathe

Relaxing into the inherent stillness of the body,
Allowing the Breath of Life to infuse its Healing Energy,
I move my awareness to my heart to align my three Zero Points…
My mental Zero Point in the Pineal gland,
My emotional/spiritual Zero Point in the Thymus and
My physical Zero Point just behind the Navel.
Everything has a Zero Point and All are interconnected simultaneously as One.
Each is a Fulcrum, a time-space portal through which All connect to one-another.
The infinitesimal fulcrum becomes one with the finite and one with the Infinite.
In that moment of allowing my personal Inherent Stillness,
I raise my vibration to match the frequency of Source.
I am One with the Universe.
I am One with the Dynamic Stillness of the Cosmos.

Finding Neutral

Finding Neutral

By Don Nathe

Between the Infinite and the finite I wait,
In a heart-centered state from which compassion can flow.

Between the Energy and the matter I listen,
Fully engaged and extending my field of Awareness.

Between the Invisible and the visible, I settle,
Orienting to the physical body and to Primary Respiration.

Between the unconditional and the conditional I anchor,
In a still and sacred place to provide a refuge for the possibility of healing.

Between the Blueprint and the imprint I am present,
Suspended in harmonic resonance with the client’s field as they holistically shift into a space of Dynamic Stillness where the Breath of Life is allowed to heal and restore.

Remembering The Agreement

Remembering the Agreement.

Words by Don Nathe. Based on Leonard Cohen’s song Hallelujah.

Performed by Don Nathe & Mary Gospe.

I dreamed that we were standing there
Assembled round our Father’s chair
His energy of Love was moving through ya
He asked us who would like to go
To help Him heal the earth below.
We all said “I’m in” and “Hallelujah”

As family we all agreed
That we would each forget our need
To know the past and what had happened to ya
So each we came, the brave, the strong,
To bring beloved souls along
From greed and separation. Hallelujah

We chose the time when we’d appear
To find the world strung out in fear
It made you stop and think of just what drew ya
But then the Light shone from above
To let me know that I AM LOVE
And here to BE that message. Hallelujah.

So now the grid has been arranged
To help us know that all is changed
From hopelessness that nearly overthrew ya,
Clearly it is now the time
To welcome the New Paradigm
Of LOVE and TRUTH and ONENESS. Hallelujah.

We’ve learned that we can co-create
A peaceful world. It’s not too late
To manifest the Light that will renew ya
Connect to Source with Essence whole
Then share it with your sibling souls
Raising ALL in Glory, Hallelujah.


Love Letters to Humanity – Part I

Love Letters to Humanity – Part I

"Love Letters to Humanity - Part 1" - Spoken by Don Nathe

by Don Nathe

My intention in composing this Love Letter to Humanity was to channel the energy of unconditional love from Divine Father and put it into words. The words are intended to remind all of us that we are all Divine Souls, each of us having our own unique experience of life here in human form and that we are all Loved continuously and completely by Creator/Source/God.

I sat to meditate and ask for guidance on what message humankind would benefit from hearing. I waited for clarity and then began to write down what came in. The result wasn’t exactly what I expected but IS what I heard in my heart. It came from a voice much larger than me and yet it came from a deeper knowing within my own consciousness…my own higher self. At times the voice spoke in first person, using the pronoun I. And yet, it did not seem like one entity. It seemed to be a Universal chorus, of compassion, certain wisdom and unconditional acceptance and appreciation. So, this is what I heard…

You are never alone.

I am always available to you, every moment, every day. Just connect with me through your higher self. Quiet your mind and just intend to raise your vibration to align with my energy. You can’t do it wrong. Just clearly intend it and I am there…with you…Always.

I am so grateful and proud of you for agreeing to come into physical form to experience the earth and to help in the evolution of mankind and the universe.

Trust your heart when making decisions. Your ego mind will only confuse you by analyzing. Go to your heart and remember who you really are and why you came. That is where the information from your past lives resides. That is where you will find your guidance.

Learn to recognize fear for what it is. Fear is a useful human emotion that can guide you in an instant to avoid harm to your human physical body. But sustained fear is an illusion. It is based in false beliefs that can affect clarity in discernment and cause detrimental choices. My Beloveds, try not to act or decide from a place where you have chosen sustained fear. First, Clear the Fear and the resistance. Move into Trust that all is well and that all will be well in the future. Move away from fear. Choose Love. Act from Love. Because Love is ALL there is.

Love unconditionally. It is the only true love. Love with no expectations for reciprocity. Love freely without claim, without ownership and without obligation. Possessiveness is based in fear. Jealousy is based in fear. Unconditional Love, given freely, brings about love and freedom in all of those you love.

Forgive yourself when you make a mistake. You did nothing wrong. There are only lessons and learning in this life you have chosen. I am not in judgment of you. Why should you judge yourself. You are my children. Children learn through having experiences. I am proud of your courage in experiencing these lessons and grateful that you agreed to come into physical existence.

Be generous. Generosity is love. Give unconditionally. Do not be a reservoir of positive energy that only stores love, money and kindness. These are currencies that are meant to be shared. They are streams meant to flow among you, not to be sidetracked into dormant pools or locked vaults. Give of your resources more often. Keep paying it forward.

Express your love more often. When you feel a strong resonance with someone in your heart, tell that person they are loved. If it feels aligned, ask if you can share a handshake or a hug. Spread love. Don’t be afraid of judgment or misunderstanding. Just be true to your heart and act accordingly while respecting the other’s sacred space.

Choose joy. You are on this planet to be love and to share love, not to suffer or deny yourself pleasure. BE more. DO less. Being productive is noble. Being present with all that surrounds you is divine. The people, animals, plants and the earth herself, all deserve your attention and your love. Choose happiness…by making others happy.

Above all, Love yourself…so that you can more readily love others. Love that person as you would love yourself and you will both feel as one. When they feel your love it will ripple through them to the next person and the next. Until all will know that love is universal. All will feel as One. All will feel that they are Love. And All will know that Love IS ALL there is.

-Don Nathe

Love Letters to Humanity – Part II

Love Letters to Humanity – Part II

"Love Letters to Humanity - Part II" - Spoken by Don Nathe

by Don Nathe


You are ALL made from the same energy, you are ALL a part of the same consciousness, you are ALL my children and have a part of me as your divine essence, your Soul.


You are ALL made FROM Love. You are ALL made OF Love. All, each of you, are the same energy of Love. Each of you have chosen to experience a unique life on the earth. You have chosen a different body, gender, race, a different geographical location and different family/community circumstances. Because of these choices and the lessons each of you asked to learn before you came into your bodies, you will all have different perspectives from which to view the same events as they unfold. You will react differently than another so that you can learn and evolve in your own unique way.

Many of you have found peace in having felt your true divine essence, if only for a moment, while being totally aligned and acting from your true purpose. At that moment, you are beginning to remember why you came and who you really are. Through meditation and intention, you can return to this place of alignment and peace whenever you choose.

Some have chosen paths that are not aligned with the energy of Love, in order for them to learn from their experiences. They take on fear and, in their confusion, act out in anger, citing separation, scarcity and injustice as justification. These people are often perceived as a threat to you and as different from you. They become identified as somehow less than you. In more extreme cases, they are labeled as your enemy. They may even be judged as undeserving of life. But, at their essence, “they” are YOU. You are part of the same collective human consciousness, part of the same universal body but with different perspectives.

Beloveds, try to move out of fear and separateness. It clouds your perception and brings about negative human emotions of anger, judgment, and revenge. Acting from these human emotions will not resolve the misperceptions and differences. At those times, choose to move back into your peaceful divine essence and that feeling of being aligned and on purpose.

The “enemy” is a temporary label. The group named as your enemy will change over time. Was your enemy the British, the Germans, the Japanese, the Italians, the Russians, the North Vietnamese, or the Confederate states? Which of these groups are your neighbors now or your in-laws or You? Are each of these groups or individuals now accepted as an equal, a brother or even a loved one? What changed? Is it your perception, your judgment or is it your concept of trust and security? The people are still British, German, etc. YOUR perception has changed. You have moved from fear into trust, acceptance and love. From that place in your heart you are able to see all as your family, you can better see the other as you.

Acts of violence and terror from misaligned beings are intended to frighten you. Try to resist thoughts of revenge that are based in anger and fear of projections in the future. They will test your beliefs and your trust. But, in the end, they cannot be sustained in a world of Lovingkindness and Oneness.  Be present and grateful for your safety. Know that you are protected by Universal forces acting on many levels. Breathe. All is well. I am here with you…always. Trust in me and in the larger plan that is unfolding and evolving toward unity and oneness.

WE are ONE.   

WE are Love and

Love is All there is.

-Don Nathe